We're All Sinners and Cosiners

February 6, 2009. Filed under processing 6

Another visualization I put together using Processing, which I am tentatively titling Sinners and Cosiners. The vibrant colors don't really justify the pun, but damn if I didn't require some reschooling in geometry to get the rotation working. Actually, it also required some schooling in how computers manipulate graphics as well, all of it very educational.

In all honesty, the current appearance has relatively little to do with my original intentions. I actually wanted to have planets, where the planets orbited the sun, and then moons orbited the planets, and then smaller moons orbited the moons, and so on, to the extent that looked pretty and didn't catch my laptop on fire. I ran into some issues getting that to happen, and this is the failure that is the least immediately identifiable as a failure.

Really enjoying playing around with visualizations though. Probably the most fun I've had programming for months, if not longer. As evidenced by the total lack of progress in everything else I am doing.

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Source code: We_re_All_Sinners_and_Cosiners