accessible. Although, its extraordinarily bland. I will acknowledge that. The Facebook portion is also alive here."/> Two-Faced Django: Live install

Two-Faced Django: Live install

December 16, 2007. Filed under django 72 pyfacebook 5 dreamhost 2

There is now a live Django install for the app developed in this application. You can access the web interface, and also the FaceBook app. If it is slow and unresponsive, its likely because it is running on Dreamhost, which isn't the friendliest of Django hosts (but it does make it very convenient to have a throw-away app like this online).

As of this moment, everything is working except for the JQuery aspects. And the JQuery works locally on my machine, just have to play a little bit more with my Dreamhost config. (Setting these things up on shared hosting is a devil in the details.)

P.S. The explanation for the name of the subdomain at is that I happened to have an unused subdomain that already had modified permissions for running Python fcgi (it requires the Dreamhost tech people to make an edit to your subdomains permissions in order to do so).

Update One

And now the JQuery is working too. Obviously the site is extremely user hostile since it has no backlinks or any sort of non-manual navigation. Sorry! Its just an example!

Update Two

And has now been updated with the changes from part seven (FaceBook ajax for voting on polls).