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ReadME contribution on reliability programs.

Plagarism, idea theft, and writing online.

Platforms change but cool URIs don't.

Stuff I haven't written yet, but hopefully will someday (2022).

Digital gardening at Exuberant Sketches.

⭐ How to be a tech influencer.

"Good Process is Evolved, Not Designed" in 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know

"Do engineering managers need to be technical?" in Increment.

What I learned writing a book.

Elegant Puzzle press, reviews and podcasts.

An Elegant Puzzle is released today!

An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Eng Management.

2018 in review.

Quick blogging update for October 2018

Braindump on approach to writing a technical book.

Experimenting with content and distribution.

Increment has launched.

Blogging as People

The Blogging Hypochondriac

You Only Learn the First Time

Advice to Programmers in College

Being a Local Maximum

Failing a Contract

Writing for Consumption

On Writing

4. Airplanes

3. Shuttle Busses

2. Traffic Jams

1. Beginnings

0. Introduction

Examining Web Analytics to Implement (repost)

Anti-Objects and Reflexive Decisions (repost)

A Comp. Sci Degree is What You Make Of It (repost)

Is the JVM the "next assembly"? I hope not. (repost)

Good to Great, Paul Graham and Ayn Rand (repost)

Reflections on Django (repost)

Finding Our Programming Flow (repost)