Irrational Exuberance!

The Blogging Hypochondriac

November 8, 2008 Maybe you didn't know, but bloggings is about to die. Again. Call the surgeon and rush us to the emergency room. Bring the priest and the rabbi. Then again, nothing has changed for the past four years, so maybe we're just making things up. Like usual.

Spoken Languages, Blub, and Convenience

May 25, 2008 A brief essay considering the link between spoken languages and programming languages and Paul Graham's theory of Blub.

On Writing

February 19, 2008 It turns out that I spend a lot of time writing. I have developed my own aesthetic, and today it seemed like a good time to write about that aesthetic, and also the process of learning to write.

Midnight Philosophy in The Garden of Good and Evil

February 12, 2008 Whatever one might be tempted to label it as, its just a disjoint collection of sentence scribed by someone who ought to be in bed.

Using Our Own Software

February 4, 2008 Do you have software that you wrote that you use on a daily basis? A few programs, or none at all? Why or why not?