Below you will find pages that utilize the taxonomy term “Staff-Plus”

Leadership requires taking some risk.

High-Context Triad.

⭐ Useful tradeoffs are multi-dimensional.

Navigating ambiguity.

⭐ Layers of context.


Solving the Engineering Strategy crisis.

The terminal level rulebook.

How to present to executives.

Weak and strong team concepts.

What do Staff engineers actually do?

Managing Staff-plus engineers.

⭐ Write five, then synthesize: good engineering strategy is boring.

Interviewing for Staff-plus roles.

Finding your Staff sponsor.

Engineering strategy.

⭐ Managing technical quality in a codebase.

Finding the right company to reach Staff Engineer.

Deciding to switch companies.

Being visible.

Staff projects.

⭐ Work on what matters.

Build a network of peers.

Staff promotion packets.

Create space for others.

Staff-plus interview processes.

Does the Staff title even matter?

Where do Staff-plus engineers fit into the org?

Picking problems for programming interviews.

Staff engineer archetypes.

Staying aligned with authority.

Getting in the room.

Learn to never be wrong.

Resources for Staff-plus engineers.