Irrational Exuberance!

Video recording of Paying Technical Debt at Scale - Migrations

December 13, 2018 Video of my QCon SF talk is up! The talk was about migrations and how they define company velocity over time: Paying Technical Debt at Scale - Migrations.

Speaking at QCon SF 2018 about migrations.

November 5, 2018 Quite excited that I'll be speaking at QCon SF 2018 tomorrow about migrations, and hope to see some of y'all there.

Digg v4 on Internet History Podcast.

August 6, 2018 Had the chance to speak on the Internet History Podcast about Digg v4, following up on the related blog post I wrote a bit earlier in the year.

Spoke on Interestings podcast.

June 22, 2018 This past week I was fortunate enough to get to speak on my second podcast, this time speaking about infrastructure migrations.

Speaking on Inside Intercom podcast.

March 20, 2018 Last week I got to speak on the Inside Intercom podcast, which was pretty great.