Irrational Exuberance!

Deployment Scripts With BeautifulSoup

June 9, 2008 Recently I have been doing a lot of website deployment and various repetitive but slightly complex html hackery in order to flesh out simple templates with content stolen from other pages of html. Although it could have been a bit frustrating, with the help of BeautifulSoup it has been a fun ride.

Using Optional Parameters in Django Urls

February 4, 2008 A simple but helpful trick for using optional parameters in Django views to allow one view to serve multiple urls with varying parameters.

Cleanly Extending Python Markdown with Syntax Highlighting

January 9, 2008 A look at extending the Python Markdown library. It happens to be an extremely well written library, so extending it is a bit more fun than it ought to be. Take a look.

Accolades for Pygments 0.9

January 3, 2008 Pygments 0.9 adds lexers for Common Lisp along with a handful of other languages. I am an unabashed fan.

Using PyFacebook without the Facebook middleware

November 30, 2007 I've been working on a Facebook application with a couple of friends recently. We decided to use PyFacebook library, but there was a brief period of intense confusion on my part about how to use the PyFacebook library without the included middleware. I worked through it, though, and this article has some advice on how you can do the same.