Irrational Exuberance!

BossArray for list-like Yahoo search results

July 28, 2008 I recently put together BossArray, which is a simple wrapper around the Yahoo BOSS search results (relying on the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework for the heavy lifting). It provides a dirt simple interface mimicking a normal Python list for most interaction.

Stripping Reddit From HackerNews With BOSS Mashup

July 12, 2008 This tutorial looks at using the Yahoo BOSS Mashup Framework (a simple Python library) to retrieve the RSS feeds for HackerNews and Reddit Programming and strip the union of those results from HackerNews, returning HackerNews to an earlier era.

Search Recipes for Yahoo's BOSS in Python

July 11, 2008 This entry is a bit of a cookbook for using Yahoo's Python library for accessing the BOSS Mashup Framework. It has full examples for searching the web, images, news , for paginating results, and for limiting searches to specific domains.

JSON, Object Oriented Views, and Starting a Real App

June 22, 2008 The third installment of Ken Arnold's series, *Wielding Django*. After examining some Django basics for the first two entries, Ken starts looking at more advanced techniques in this entry, some of which can really transform how you'll look at Django views in the future. He also lays the foundation for the application he'll be using to demonstrate more Django techniques and practices as his series continues.


June 11, 2008 The first part of a series written by Kenneth Arnold. The series, Wielding Django, looks at stripping the complexity away from Django so that it is easy--perhaps even PHP-like--to use it for small projects.