Irrational Exuberance!

Finally Waving The White Flag to Objective-C 2.0

December 4, 2008 I've been fighting a very private moral war against Objective-C 2.0 ever since it was released, but I've finally given in and as of a couple weeks ago all my new projects are being written with all the new syntactic sugar. This post looks at the small shoves that finally got me over the edge.

Reading XML Files on the iPhone

November 30, 2008 Loading data from XML files can really clean up your iPhone applications, and the Objective-C code to do so is pretty easy once you figure out a couple of tricks and gotchas. This entry takes a look at how it's done.

Touch Detection in Cocos2d iPhone

October 20, 2008 A quick look at three different approaches for implementing touch detection using the Cocos2d iPhone library. There are a number of snippets here, and I imagine it would be rather confusing to approach without a basic understanding of ObjC and Cocos2d iPhone.

Cocoa Drag and Drop text into the Dock Icon

August 6, 2008 I spent much too long today trying to figure out how to implementing drag and droping selected text onto an application's Dock icon (and its Finder icon as well), and will proceed to share this knowledge with you in the hopes that related searches will not leave their queriers quite as lost as I was.

Opening Files With Associated App in Cocoa

April 5, 2008 Recently I spent a while trying to figure out how to open files in my Cocoa app. Not just open them, but have the correct application launch with that file as an argument. I knew that Carbon achieved this with LaunchServices, but was unsure about the Cocoa equivalent to LaunchServices. But, it turns out to be quite easy to use. (Hint: its NSWorkspace.)