Below you will find pages that utilize the taxonomy term “Management”

Developing domain expertise: get your hands dirty.

Physics and perception.

How to create software quality.

No Wrong Doors.

Load-bearing / Career-minded / Act Two rationales

Constraints on giving feedback.

Friction isn't velocity.

⭐ Useful tradeoffs are multi-dimensional.

Navigating ambiguity.

⭐ Layers of context.

Those five spare hours each week.



Team Charters are a trap.


Getting lucky isn't a plan.

Developing leadership styles

Performance & Compensation (for Eng Execs).

The Engineering executive’s role in hiring.

Manage your priorities and energy.

Gelling your Engineering leadership team.

Building personal and organizational prestige

Extract the kernel.

Good hypergrowth/curator manager.

Balancing your CEO, peers, and Engineering.

Interviewing engineering executives.

How to plan as an engineering executive.

Who runs Engineering processes?

Onboarding peer executives.

⭐ Deciding to leave your (executive) job.

Using cultural survey data.

Running your engineering onboarding program.

Engineering’s role in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Building your executive network.

⭐ Writing an engineering strategy.

Better to micromanage than be disengaged.

Culture vs systems.

⭐ Setting engineering org values.

Safe defaults.

Internal comms for executives.

What does it mean to be a cost center?

Meetings for an effective eng organization.

Mailbag: What should you do if you report to an underperforming executive?

How to capitalize engineering costs.

⭐ Measuring an engineering organization.

When shouldn't you roll out business reviews?

Company, team, self.

The flying wedge.

Work hard / work smart.

Mailbag: What isn't measurable? To hire as exec or not?

Reminiscing: the retreat to comforting work.

Fewer, happier incident heroes.

⭐ Reading a Profit & Loss statement.

Mailbag: Did I become a manager too soon?

Moving the finish line.

Your migration probably isn’t failing due to insufficient staffing.

Interim assignments.

Mailbag: Resources for Engineering Directors.

What is innovation?

⭐ Hard to work with.

⭐ Trunk and Branches Model for Scaling Infrastructure Organizations

Mix and match mental models.

⭐ Inspection and the limits of trust.

Notes on The Kool-Aid Factory's Planning Issue.

How to find engineering leadership roles.

Notes on hiring a Foundation Eng leader.

Closing calls: tell the best version of the truth.

Create capacity rather than capture it.

Getting to yes: solving engineering manager hiring loops that reject every candidate.

Pockets of rest enable careers.

Can senior leaders make friends at work?

Mailbag: How to deal with unhappy users on your Internal platform?

Measures of engineering impact.

The curious case of the missing regretted attrition.

How to present to executives.

Pacing and isolating change.

Tech Lead Management roles are a trap.

Interesting work happens at the edges.

Managing Staff-plus engineers.

Finding your Staff sponsor.

Renegotiating your first vendor contract.

Engineering strategy every org should write.

Surplus rules of engineering strategy.

Care and feeding for your engineering strategy.

Things that aren't engineering strategy.

A survey of engineering strategies.

Engineering strategy.

Performative leadership.

Promotion pathologies.

The Saint-Exupéry of metrics.

Some common hiring manager mistakes.

External office hours.

Where do Staff-plus engineers fit into the org?

Stuff I've learned about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion over the past few years.

Trapped in a Values Oasis.

To lead, you have to follow.

The rush to "show value."

Staff engineer archetypes.

Build versus buy.

Staying aligned with authority.

Getting in the room.

From one to two: how to start a successful distributed engineering office.

Interviewing senior engineering leaders.

Crowdsourcing CTO/VPE learning circles.

Share stories, not advice.

How to partner with an executive assistant.

Some rough notes on running learning circles.

How to build your company's engineering brand.

⭐ Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering.

How to navigate and/or survive your acquihire.

"Good Process is Evolved, Not Designed" in 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know

Mailbag: When your team wants your job, personal brand, and service registries.

"How to successfully design organizational processes"

"Do engineering managers need to be technical?" in Increment.

You only learn when you reflect.

Sending weekly 5-15 updates.

Nobody cares about quality.

Organizing team offsites.

Fostering program engagement.

Programs: tips for owning the unownable.

Path to engineering manager of managers.

Privilege's upward-facing window.

An Elegant Puzzle is released today!

Make timeline tradeoffs using iterative elimination tournaments.

⭐ Magnitudes of exploration.

Fire fixation.

Rules of thumb for org design.

⭐ How to evolve an engineering organization.

Paying the predictability tax.

⭐ Why limiting work-in-progress works.

Notes on Soul of a New Machine, Messy Middle, Crazy at Work, Company of One.

Growing with your company's complexity.

Meeting people.

An Elegant Puzzle: Systems of Eng Management.

⭐ Metrics for the unmeasurable.

Good process is evolved, not designed.

Defining policy, process and programs.

⭐ Infrastructure planning: users, baselines and timeframes.

Headcount dilemmas.

Talent distributions.

Capturing resources.

Career narratives.

Saying no.

⭐ Work the policy, not the exceptions.

Introduction to systems thinking.

Designing interview loops.

Communities of learning.

Time management: the leadership meta-problem.

Problem exploration, selection and validation.

Introducing SREs, TPMs and other specialized roles.

Career levels, designation momentum, etc.

Designations, levels and calibrations.

Make your peers your first team.

Presenting to executives.

Your hiring funnel.

Scaling technical consistency.

Book recommendations.

Succession planning.

Identify your controls.

Opportunity & Membership.

⭐ Sizing engineering teams.

Selecting project leads.

Writing strategies and visions.

Guiding broad change with metrics.

Goals and baselines.

My rails for engineering leadership.

The briefest of media trainings.

A case against top-down global optimization.

⭐ Staying on the path to high performing teams.

Where to stash your organizational risk?

Consider the team you have for senior positions.

Setting organizational direction.

Model, document and share.

⭐ Migrations: the sole scalable fix to tech debt.

Close out, solve or delegate.

Managing in the growth plates.

Notes from "Good Strategy, Bad Strategy."

How I write group emails at work.

⭐ Product management in infrastructure eng.

Inclusion in the first shift.


⭐ Cold sourcing: hire someone you don't know.

Roles over rocket ships, and why hypergrowth is a weak predictor of personal growth.

Engineering management stuff I learned in 2017.

Tools for operating a growing organization.

Running an engineering reorg

Partnering with your manager

Infrastructure between cost center and ego trip

Ways Engineering Managers Get Stuck

Finding Managerial Scope

⭐ Productivity in the age of hypergrowth.

You Should Take More Vacation

Running a Humane Interview Process

Healing a Burned Out Team

Your Philosophy of Management

Adding Value as an Engineering Manager

Company Culture and Managing Freedoms

Kill Your Heroes, Stop Doing it Harder

Social Hierarchies in Engineering Organizations

Hosting a Paper Reading Group

Slack and Hope for Middle Management