Mailbag: Building alignment around a new strategy.

February 16, 2021. Filed under staff-eng 10mailbag 5

Another great question on Staff Engineer that I recieved recently was about the mechanics of deciding and rolling out new engineering strategies and other controversial documents.

Mailbag: How to encourage good documents rather than perfect documents?

February 15, 2021. Filed under staff-eng 10mailbag 5

A great question on Staff Engineer that I recieved recently focused on creating a culture of good documents rather than a culture of perfect documents. Here are my quick thoughts.

Mailbag: Advice for someone five years into their tech career?

November 23, 2020. Filed under career 21mailbag 5

I recently got an email asking for some perspective that was general enough that I thought it might make more sense to answer as another mailbag post. The lightly edited core of the email was: What advice would you give someone who is five years in their tech career? What should someone focus on in the world of fast-evolving tech? How did you find the right mentors in the course of your career/

Mailbag: Evolving your engineer career beyond the career level.

February 13, 2020. Filed under career 21staff-eng 10mailbag 5

Recently I got an email asking about evolving your engineering career after you’ve hit the career level, but before you feel like you’ve accomplished what’s important to you. I wrote up my response here in case others are interested.

Mailbag: When your team wants your job, personal brand, and service registries.

December 9, 2019. Filed under management 128mailbag 5

Thanksgiving week started well, and then took a hard pivot towards influenza, which meant that I haven’t had much energy to write or think over the past bit. I did get a handful of interesting questions emailed in though, so I figured I’d do an email grab bag of three anonymized questions that came in over the past week and an answer to each.