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Landing in the JET Program.


Last Day of Elementary School and Classes

Advice for ALTs Considering a Second Year

A Thursday: Elementary School

An Introduction to a Week in Japan

Things I'll Miss in Japan

May in Review

A Week In The Job

Catching Up On Some Thoughts

Quick Reflections on JET in Haiku

Spring Doesn't Come in February, But Snow Does

Teaching Elementary Classes as an ALT

My First Sickday in Japan

A Historical Perspective on the JET Program in 2008

Failures of Proactive Communication & Other Generic Complaints

Lesson Plan: My Winter Vacation

Introduction to Kamioka-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan

Driving on the Left Side

Reflections on the old year, and the new one

Those Annoying Habits

Introducing my Japanese Kitchen

Hiking Tengaisan

Expectations and Reality for the lowly ALT

FAQ about JET

Eating Cornflakes

Leaving Tokyo, Arriving in Kamioka

From America into an American Bubble: The Flight to Japan

JET Pre-Departure Orientation

Heading toward Atlanta

Applying to the JET Programme