Irrational Exuberance!

Using Flot.js with the Digg Streaming API

April 6, 2011 Last year Digg released a Streaming API which exposes real-time activity on its site. It's available via JSONP, so this tutorial takes a quick look at dynamically populating a Flot.js graph using the API's data.

Callbacks Are An Informal Pipeline

March 7, 2010 Spending some time with Node.js I've begun to realize what a pain callbacks can be when they become sufficiently deep. That said, after sufficient nesting it's pretty easy to see how callbacks become very similar to a pipeline (in the simplest case, anyway).

Porting Django's urlpatterns to Node.js

March 6, 2010 A quick look at a bringing the Django patterns for and to Node.js.

Log Collection Server with Node.js

January 30, 2010 A look at using Node.js to write a log collection server and also log submission clients. My first experiment with Node.js, which really impresses me with how easy it is to write flexible, powerful and efficient code in Node.js.

The Magical Source of YUI Get's Power

October 3, 2008 I spent longer than I should have trying to coax the impossible out of YUI's Yahoo.util.Get module, having nary a clue how it actually worked. Further investigation lead to some comprehension, but also left me bewildered. This is a tale of something either very amazing or very wrong.