Irrational Exuberance!

Advice for ALTs Considering a Second Year

July 7, 2008 Many ALTs undergo temporary insanity when considering recontracting for the their second year. Here is my advice for those in the process.

A Thursday: Elementary School

July 2, 2008 The first day in my Week in Japan series. This entry takes a look at a normal Thursday, which is the day I spent the morning at elementary school.

An Introduction to a Week in Japan

July 2, 2008 This is the beginning of a series of articles looking at what a normal week has looked like for me during my job here in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher with the JET Program.

Things I'll Miss in Japan

June 8, 2008 Written on a train ride down to Nagoya, reflecting on a few things I'll be missing. I suppose I didn't mention long peaceful train rides, but I will be missing those too.

Looking for Recycling's Lost Sex Appeal

June 3, 2008 Recycling used to be a topic of frequent discussion, but its lost most of the airtime it once received. Like most of the solutions that actually help, it turns out recycling is difficult, rather than a magical solution that heals effortless. How can we motivate people to recycle?