Irrational Exuberance!

JET Pre-Departure Orientation

July 29, 2007 A thrilling retelling of the day when the JET program finally got a bit more real. Beginning with my drive down to Atlanta, and ending with a fluffy pillow.

Picture from Hotel Room

July 29, 2007 Pretty busy, getting rushed from place to place. Lots of meetings and speeches. But I do have a picture.

Heading toward Atlanta

July 26, 2007 JET gets a bit more real as I head down to Atlanta tomorrow. This post scores a 0.85 on the 5 point "cohesiveness" scale. Yep, its that bad.

Applying to the JET Programme

July 19, 2007 So maybe you want to apply to the JET Programme. Maybe you already did. This is what your experience will be, or was, like. Except its really my experience with the words "I" and "me" inconsistently replaced with the word "you".