Irrational Exuberance!

Teaching Adult English Classes

October 18, 2007 A collection of my thoughts and advice from my English conversation lessons taught to an adult class. A handful of ideas on topics, and awkwardly generic recommendations.

Expectations and Reality for the lowly ALT

October 14, 2007 When you apply to the JET program you have a lot of expectations. Then you talk to a couple of people who participated in the JET program before, and you get a new set of different expectations. A true JET veteran would tell you that Every Situation Is Different and to stop predicting because you're never going to know.

Eating Cornflakes

August 20, 2007 Much like an awkward date, sometimes you find yourself talking a lot about a topic that no one actually cares about. If you live long enough, that conversation's topics may be cornflakes.

Leaving Tokyo, Arriving in Kamioka

August 20, 2007 The transition from Tokyo to Kamioka is a great one. Tens of millions to thousands. Thousands of English speakers to one. Dreams to reality.

From America into an American Bubble: The Flight to Japan

August 9, 2007 From one hotel to another, my trip to Japan begins. The morning begins in Atlanta and the night finds us in Tokyo. By boarding the international flight I formally accept my contract, so my year as a JET as begun.