Irrational Exuberance!

May in Review

May 27, 2008 A few pictures, a couple stories, a couple links thrown into a confused medley and labeled with as broad a title as I could think of. Indeed, this is May in Review.

Photographing Japan

May 4, 2008 Taking pictures in Japan is extremely easy to do, but hard to do honestly. What the hell does that mean? Well, it's easy to take pictures that emphasize the natural beauty, or industrial concrete, but much harder to take pictures that capture both.

A Picture of a Couple

May 3, 2008 A picture of a couple, one of whom I know rather well, and the other who is more of a brief acquaintance. A picture made interesting because it tells its story better blurred than it would have with proper focus.

A Week In The Job

April 12, 2008 A look at a week in my job as a junior high school and elementary school ALT.

Failed Night Time Pictures of Sakura Blossoms

April 5, 2008 I tried to tackle the task of taking pictures of the blooming Sakura blossoms, but pretty much uniformly failed. I guess a one-handed gunslinger's approach to holding the camera might have contributed.