Engineering management stuff I learned in 2017.

December 29, 2017. Filed under management 87infrastructure 30

I've been working with Stripe's infrastructure engineering team for 2017, getting to work an increasingly interesting set of problems, at an increasingly large scale, and with an increasingly talented group of folks. These are some of the things I got to learn over the past year.

Analyzing cross-service requests with Apache Beam.

November 26, 2017. Filed under python 56infrastructure 30data 2

A quick exploration of using Apache Beam to compile request spans into complete request traces across multiple services.

Infrastructure between cost center and ego trip

March 5, 2017. Filed under management 87infrastructure 30architecture 25

Planning the work for infrastructure engineering organization can be a challenge, in part due to a lack of clarity around what such an organization contributes value to the company it operates within. I have thoughts, and a simple thinking aid, for that.

Developing service oriented architectures.

June 1, 2014. Filed under infrastructure 30architecture 25

Having spent the last four years rolling out a handful of service oriented architectures, some lessons are finally coming together, and this is an attempt at documenting them.

Introduction to architecting systems for scale.

April 4, 2011. Filed under infrastructure 30architecture 25

Designing a system which scales to a high number of requests isn't critical for most applications, but you'll never know that it was important until after the fact, so it's worth putting some thought into ensuring your architecture can grow with your success.