Consider the team you have for senior positions.

May 19, 2018. Filed under management 99hiring 8

I've been hiring engineering manager of managers roles over the past six months. These roles are scarcer than line management roles, and vary more across companies. This process has taught me a bunch of new things, and been remarkably rewarding.

Cold sourcing: hire someone you don't know.

January 8, 2018. Filed under management 99hiring 8

Most managers devote their hiring attention to folks that they already have a relationship with, which can lead to uniform teams and becoming a hiring bottleneck as your company scales. This post looks at the process of reaching out to folks you don't know, frequently referred to as cold sourcing.

Running a Humane Interview Process

June 9, 2016. Filed under management 99hiring 8

Interviewing fills many with a sense of dread, but as an industry I think we are incrementally moving in the right direction. Here are some steps towards a humane interview process.