Below you will find pages that utilize the taxonomy term “executive”

Solving the Engineering Strategy crisis.

Performance & Compensation (for Eng Execs).

The Engineering executive’s role in hiring.

Manage your priorities and energy.

Gelling your Engineering leadership team.

Building personal and organizational prestige

Extract the kernel.

Balancing your CEO, peers, and Engineering.

Interviewing engineering executives.

How to plan as an engineering executive.

Who runs Engineering processes?

Onboarding peer executives.

⭐ Deciding to leave your (executive) job.

Using cultural survey data.

Running your engineering onboarding program.

Engineering’s role in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Building your executive network.

⭐ Writing an engineering strategy.

Better to micromanage than be disengaged.

⭐ Setting engineering org values.

Safe defaults.

Internal comms for executives.

What does it mean to be a cost center?

Meetings for an effective eng organization.

Getting a job as an engineering executive.

Make an effective executive LinkedIn profile.

How to capitalize engineering costs.

⭐ Measuring an engineering organization.

⭐ Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering.