Two-Faced Django Part 1: Building a project that exists simultaniously on Facebook and the web

December 4, 2007. Filed under django 72pyfacebook 5

The first article of an eight article series on using Django to create apps that exist simultaneously as independent web applications and as Facebook applications. This segment covers putting together our development setup.

Using JQuery with Django for Autocomplete Fields

November 30, 2007. Filed under django 72jquery 6

A rather rough and tumble walkthrough for using Django and JQuery to make autocomplete input fields.

Using PyFacebook without the Facebook middleware

November 30, 2007. Filed under django 72python 56pyfacebook 5facebook 3

I've been working on a Facebook application with a couple of friends recently. We decided to use PyFacebook library, but there was a brief period of intense confusion on my part about how to use the PyFacebook library without the included middleware. I worked through it, though, and this article has some advice on how you can do the same.

Dreamier Dream Server with Nginx

July 17, 2007. Filed under django 72apache 5nginx 5slicehost 4ubuntu 4postgresql 4memcache 3

Upon posting my first dream server setup, it became apparent that it was less dreamy than I had thought. This article is a reworking of the earlier post, but using nginx as a frontend to an Apache2 backend. Rather than... Apache2 as a frontend to Lighttpd. It has also been pared down a bit, removing the security topics (it didn't cover them well anyway). And its more concise, as in its very much unlike this description.

Adding Social Bookmarking To a Django App

July 14, 2007. Filed under django 72python 56

Adding support for submitting your Django content to social bookmarking and news sites is a nice addition to any website. Here are my instructions for doing so, based on my experience of adding social support to this blog.