Two-Faced-Django Part 6: PyFacebook

December 12, 2007. Filed under django 72pyfacebook 5facebook 3

The sixth section of the Two-Faced Django tutorial where we begin implementing the FaceBook portion of our project.

Two-Faced Django Part 5: JQuery Ajax

December 11, 2007. Filed under django 72jquery 6

Moving along in the Two-Faced-Django series, we look at using JQuery for Ajax in the webapp portion of our program.

Two-Faced Django Part 4: The Webapp

December 9, 2007. Filed under django 72

Segment four of the Two-Faced Django series. Implementing our web application (except for the Ajax).

Two-Faced Django Part 3: Newforms

December 4, 2007. Filed under django 72newforms 1

Part three of the Two-faced Django series looks at using newforms for validation.

Two-Faced Django Part 2: Models and Django Testing

December 4, 2007. Filed under django 72testing 2

In the second part of this series we put together our models for this project, and also introduce the Django testing framework.