Irrational Exuberance!

A Django Anti-Pattern, Rolling Your Own REST

June 13, 2008 Almost every web project ends up with a little slice of REST to call its own. One of the great conveniences of working with Django is that it makes rolling these slices of REST very simple. Simple enough that we as a community are still haven't come up with a compelling unified REST solution. Hopefully we can refocus on this problem a bit with the new 1.0 roadmap, and have something really useful ready to go when Django 1.0 hits the newsstands.


June 11, 2008 The first part of a series written by Kenneth Arnold. The series, Wielding Django, looks at stripping the complexity away from Django so that it is easy--perhaps even PHP-like--to use it for small projects.

Working on LifeFlow's Public Face

June 11, 2008 The current version of LifeFlow under progress, 0.91, is focused on improving the public faces of LifeFlow. This means improving the quality of the code so that other developers have an easier time getting involved, but it also means improving the usability and appearance of the publicly viewed templates as well.

Release of LifeFlow Version 0.90

June 10, 2008 The first version of LifeFlow that actually has a number. I think it certainly deserves a number, and hopefully you will too after looking at some of the new improvements here.

Using Optional Parameters in Django Urls

February 4, 2008 A simple but helpful trick for using optional parameters in Django views to allow one view to serve multiple urls with varying parameters.