Irrational Exuberance!

JSON, Object Oriented Views, and Starting a Real App

June 22, 2008 The third installment of Ken Arnold's series, *Wielding Django*. After examining some Django basics for the first two entries, Ken starts looking at more advanced techniques in this entry, some of which can really transform how you'll look at Django views in the future. He also lays the foundation for the application he'll be using to demonstrate more Django techniques and practices as his series continues.

Ambush Code Review Learns Code Diffs

June 18, 2008 I spent two or three hours working on Ambush Code Review today to implement some ideas I had last night. The basic problem was that it didn't make it easy to post improvements to code, but I think that it has reached a much more usable place. Actually, I think its become useful. Fancy that.

Overview of Using Django on the Google App Engine

June 17, 2008 A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Django with the Google App Engine. Touches on the GAE platform itself, as well as looking at areas where ported Django projects will have to be adapted to the App Engine's unique environment.

A Sunday Project: Ambush Code Review

June 16, 2008 This past Sunday I decided to delve into the mysterious world of Google App Engine development and had a pretty good experience with it. This is a quick look at what I built, and a promise to discuss the development process in the near future.

Up to Speed

June 15, 2008 This is part two in Ken's series, where he quickly gets us started with a simple Django project with some Ajax, and establishes the foundation that the rest of the series will build upon.