Irrational Exuberance!

Replacing Django's ORM with SQLAlchemy

July 23, 2008 The second example in the Loose Coupling in Django series. This one looks at a place where Django's loose coupling is at its tightest: the Django ORM.

Replacing Django's Template Language With Jinja2

July 22, 2008 The first example in the Loosely Coupled Django series, this entry looks at replacing Django's template language with the freshly released Jinja2 template language.

An Introduction to Django's Loose Coupling

July 22, 2008 One of the most valuable parts of Django is its loose coupling philosophy . This means you can plug in your own pieces into the Django stack without fighting against the defaults. However, it can be a bit difficult to understand how to take advantage of the loose coupling philosophy when you are just getting started, and this series will attempt to erase that confusion.

Polishing Up Our Django & BOSS Search Service

July 12, 2008 This is a continuation to the first entry on using Django and Yahoo's BOSS Mashup Framework, and takes our search service from something very small and ugly to something that is fairly usable.

Yahoo's Build your Own Search Service in Django

July 10, 2008 This is a fairly simple look at how to use Yahoo's BOSS Mashup Framework with Django. In the tutorial we create a simple news search.