Irrational Exuberance!

Taming AuditTrail Proliferation

October 16, 2008 After integrating AuditTrail into an application I'm working on, I've been really pleased with its functionality, but needed a way to reduce the number of revisions to be a bit more manageable. This entry takes a quick look at a simple way to do prune AuditTrail revision histories without removing too many AuditTrails.

Choosing Between AuditTrail and Django-Rcsfield

October 15, 2008 Marty Alchin pointed me in the direction of AuditTrail, and it is a really excellent solution to versioning model data. So excellent, that after experimenting with both AuditTrail and django-rcsfield that I felt strongly compelled to go with AuditTrail despite already having a (mostly) working implementation with django-rcsfield.

Setting Up Django-Rcsfield

October 15, 2008 I spent an hour or two last night figuring out how to get django-rcsfield working, and figure that the notes from the experience might benefit anyone else trying to do the same. With these notes, you too should only be thirty minutes away from adding version control to your Django textfields.

Restricting User Signups in Django

October 12, 2008 A brief and informal article on restricting the user signups using an arbitrary signup code with a specified number of uses. Could this be made into a pluggable app?

Suffer Less By Using Django Dev Server as a Proxy

September 30, 2008 A quick look at how to use Django (and specifically the development server) as a proxy to remove some pain in your life when developing static media changes to an existing site quickly.