Irrational Exuberance!

Bad Ideas and Regular Expressions in Templates

November 5, 2008 A meandering story about creating a simple if-else derivative template tag that matches arbitrary values against regular expressions instead of matching boolean values.

Deploying Django with Fabric

November 4, 2008 A look at how to manage deployment complexity with Django using Fabric. Something of a continuation on the post from yesterday.

Development to Deployment in Django

November 3, 2008 An overview of my pipeline between development and deployment for Django projects. Fabric and Git turn a potentially unhappy task into something very quick and easy.

Customize site style by user with django-userskins

October 27, 2008 This post briefly introduces the design decisions and usage of django-userskins, which is a pluggable Django application for facilitating users selecting skins for your site. For example, to let user A have a dark theme for your site, and user B have a light scheme. Supports cookie-only persistence as well as cookie-when-possible-database-as-last-resort persistence for skin preferences.

User Registration Apps for Django

October 25, 2008 This entry performs a quick overview of the different existing user registration for the Django web framework. It should help someone who is attempting to decide between the pluggable user registration/authentication applications.