Irrational Exuberance!

The Django and Ubuntu Intrepid Almanac

February 13, 2009 This heavy tome of wisdom will guide you, keystroke by keystroke, through configuring a mod_wsgi, Postgres, memcached, Django server on Ubuntu Intrepid. Written for a complete command line beginner, but hopefully useful to everyone (I know I'll have to refer to it to remember how to add additional domains to my server as well ;).

A Filter to Display Neighbors in a List

January 20, 2009 When you have a lot of content to show but not enough room to it, a helpful UI pattern is to show just the content surrounding your current position. We see this in search result pages, and now in a series' list of entries on my blog.

Django-Portfolio: Organize and Display Projects

December 29, 2008 A quick mention of a project I've been working on for the past several weeks, which aims to be a standard reusable app for sharing and displaying projects in a consistent and pleasing manner.

A Different Approach to

November 28, 2008 A concise look at an alternative way to use with Django, which makes it possible to store more specific settings in version control without mucking up deployment.

Slides from django-nyc on 11/18/2008

November 19, 2008 Here are the slides from my Django presentation at django-nyc, I tried to go heavy on the code snippets, and commented the slides a bit, so it may retain some of its mystical powers to inform. But opinions may vary about that.