Irrational Exuberance!

A Filter to Display Neighbors in a List

January 20, 2009 When you have a lot of content to show but not enough room to it, a helpful UI pattern is to show just the content surrounding your current position. We see this in search result pages, and now in a series' list of entries on my blog.

Redesign of

September 21, 2008 I spent a fair bit of the day sketching and implementing the new layout of I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out, and think it does a much better job of showcasing content (which is... the point of a blog). I am waiting comments with bated breath.

Transcending Search-as-You-Type Stickiness

August 29, 2008 A look at improving the standard search-as-you-type search field for non-instant searches, which in naive implementations can create a lagged or sticky feel to your user interface.

How to Write a Wrapper Library

August 4, 2008 Recently I received a comment wondering how to approach writing a wrapper library on top of an existing library. Although writing wrapper libraries is hardly a lost art of antiquity, developing a new interface to a library can create a lot of added value without too much effort, so it seems like something deserving of a couple hundred words.

Defining Your Web Aesthetic

October 24, 2007 A quick test for helping designers discover a little bit more about the preferences of their customers.