Introducing a Tutorial and touchDefense

November 11, 2008. Filed under cocos2d 4monocle-studios 2touchdefense 1

This post introduces the iPhone game that Luke Hatcher and I have been working on: touchDefense. It is a tower defense style app, and in our humble opinions is a lot of fun to play. This post also introduces Monocle Studio's first whitepaper, which is an in-depth tutorial for getting started with Cocos2d iPhone.

Creating Slideshows with Cocos2d iPhone

October 29, 2008. Filed under iphone 5cocos2d 4

This article looks at the complete code for creating a slideshow with Cocos2d iPhone. For example, you may need to use a combination of screenshots and text to teach new players how to play your game, and this class will show you how to accomplish that.

Touch Detection in Cocos2d iPhone

October 20, 2008. Filed under objc 8iphone 5cocos2d 4

A quick look at three different approaches for implementing touch detection using the Cocos2d iPhone library. There are a number of snippets here, and I imagine it would be rather confusing to approach without a basic understanding of ObjC and Cocos2d iPhone.

Notes on Cocos2d iPhone Development

October 3, 2008. Filed under cocoa 13iphone 5cocos2d 4

An overview, some notes and a few snippets on Cocos2d development for the iPhone. Hopefully enough to help someone get started with development, but a few steps short of comprehensive.