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More (self-)publishing thoughts.

Digital release of Engineering Executive's Primer.

Notes on How Big Things Get Done

Notes on Enterprise Architecture as Strategy

Notes on The Crux

Notes on Technology Strategy Patterns

Notes on The Software Engineer's Guidebook

Notes on Tidy First?

Notes on The Value Flywheel Effect

Drafted Eng Executive's Primer!

The Engineering Executive's Primer.

2019 - 2022 reading recap.

Starting to write Infrastructure Engineering.

Why not start an indie tech book publisher?

Should you write a technical or management book?

Self-publishing Staff Engineer.

Staff Engineer.

Early Edition of "Staff Engineer" coming Jan 31st.

Notes on Building Evolutionary Architectures.

Notes on data modeling from Handbook of Relational Database Design.

Notes on Escaping the Build Trap

Notes on Soul of a New Machine, Messy Middle, Crazy at Work, Company of One.

Notes on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

Notes on The Timeless Way of Building

Notes on The Pyramid Principle.

Notes on A Philosophy of Software Design.

Book recommendations.

Notes from "Good Strategy, Bad Strategy."

Seth Godin's The Dip.