Irrational Exuberance!

HSS and YUI Compressor in AYM CMS

October 19, 2008 A quick overview of a few improvements I've pushed to the AYM CMS repository: HSS for making writing CSS even more pleasant, and YUI Compressor for minimizing your JavaScript and CSS files.

R.I.P. Your Resume Site to Awesome

October 18, 2008 Resume Interactivity Provider is a simple reusable application for generating interactive resume websites that are powered by completely static components (JavaScript, HTML, CSS).

A One-Stop AYM CMS Solution

September 17, 2008 I spent this morning designing a simple homepage for the AYM CMS project. It contains a somewhat more in-depth tutorial to getting started with AYM CMS, hosts the current version for download, and has some suggestions on how to best take advantage of its functionality.

Making Static Dynamic Again; AYM CMS

September 15, 2008 A few lines of code and a few minutes of refactoring and my previous blog post evolved into a full-fledged static content management system based on the Django templating system. It aims to facilitate the creation of complex static websites quickly and with minimal human effort. Welcome to AYM CMS.