Digg v4's Architecture and Development Processes

August 19, 2012. Filed under architecture 29digg 6

Digg's fourth version isn't running anymore, but was an interesting system to work on. This article describes the system architecture, as well as the context behind those choices, and will hopefully be an interesting read for those scaling engineering teams and systems.

Introduction to architecting systems for scale.

April 4, 2011. Filed under infrastructure 34architecture 29

Designing a system which scales to a high number of requests isn't critical for most applications, but you'll never know that it was important until after the fact, so it's worth putting some thought into ensuring your architecture can grow with your success.

Overview of Single vs. Multi Server Architecture

February 16, 2009. Filed under architecture 29apache 5nginx 5

I've been thinking a bit more about all the various deployment options for Django, and more specifically how the variety of options can be a bit bewildering for those who haven't setup a server before. Here is a picture-assisted guide to the distinctions between single and multi server architectures.

Designing My Future Home

December 29, 2007. Filed under architecture 29

Isn't it one of the great dreams of humans to design and build your own home? Well. I had a few ideas this morning and decided to put together a sketch.