Below you will find pages that utilize the taxonomy term “architecture”

⭐ Managing technical quality in a codebase.

The Grand Migration.

How to practice backend engineering.

Hotspotting developer productivity.

Notes on Building Evolutionary Architectures.

Healthchecks at scale.

Describing fault domains.

Distributed systems vocabulary.

⭐ Reclaim unreasonable software.

Notes on The Timeless Way of Building

Notes on A Philosophy of Software Design.

You can't reason about big balls of mud.

⭐ From lambda to kappa and dataflow paradigms.

Providing pierceable abstractions.

Options for orchestrating periodic tasks.

Infrastructure between cost center and ego trip

Braindump on Load Generation

Usable QA Environments

Serverless: Gatekeeping and Profit Margins

Fail Open and Layer Policy

Thoughts on Envoy's Design

QoS, Cost & Quotas

⭐ Developing service oriented architectures.

Building a Software Deployment Pipeline

Configuration Driven Behavior

Building Technical Leverage

Digg v4's Architecture and Development Processes

⭐ Introduction to architecting systems for scale.

Overview of Single vs. Multi Server Architecture

Designing My Future Home