Below you will find pages that utilize the taxonomy term “architecture”

Create technical leverage: workflow improvements & product capabilities

Notes on Tidy First?

⭐ Managing technical quality in a codebase.

The Grand Migration.

How to practice backend engineering.

Hotspotting developer productivity.

Notes on Building Evolutionary Architectures.

Healthchecks at scale.

Describing fault domains.

Distributed systems vocabulary.

⭐ Reclaim unreasonable software.

Notes on The Timeless Way of Building

Notes on A Philosophy of Software Design.

You can't reason about big balls of mud.

From lambda to kappa and dataflow paradigms.

Providing pierceable abstractions.

Options for orchestrating periodic tasks.

Infrastructure between cost center and ego trip

Braindump on Load Generation

Usable QA Environments

Serverless: Gatekeeping and Profit Margins

Fail Open and Layer Policy

Thoughts on Envoy's Design

QoS, Cost & Quotas

Developing service oriented architectures.

Building a Software Deployment Pipeline

Configuration Driven Behavior

Building Technical Leverage

Digg v4's Architecture and Development Processes

⭐ Introduction to architecting systems for scale.

Overview of Single vs. Multi Server Architecture

Designing My Future Home