Reflections on the Systems & Papers.

April 14, 2018. Filed under retrospective 1

About a year ago I put together a quick site, Systems & Papers, and made the Github repo public earlier today.

The rough idea was to combine the learning-by-doing of Project Euler with relevant software engineering papers, and make it easier to get exposure to some of the important ideas from infrastructure engineering. It was also a project for me to get more familiar with Ruby, which is used heavily at my work, but which I hadn't used much previously.

Look at Redis protocol for client and server.

I migrated the software engineering papers to a blog post, and have moved the Redis problem and AST refactoring problems into blog posts as well.

Using RunKit to submit problem solutions.

It was also a fun opportunity to get more familiar with RunKit, which provides a dynamic prototyping environment that is really effective for usecases like submitting a simple solution to problems over an HTTP API.

Overall, was a bunch of fun, but glad to disable auto-renew on the domain, free up some space on my Kubernetes cluster, and move on to the next project.