Investing in technical infrastructure @ SRECon EMEA 2019

October 31, 2019. Filed under infrastructure 30 speaking 6 talks 6

Earlier this year I wrote How to invest in technical infrastructure, which I got to present at SRECon EMEA 2019 at the beginning of October, and now the video is up.

I've really enjoyed giving this talk, and really enjoyed the talks, atmosphere and attendees at SRECon. There was a real spirit of practioners coming together to learn together that I appreciated.

I also got the chance to give this talk at Velocity earlier this year although I'd just strained my calf and was walking with crutches, so I was glad to get a redo when I was able to practice a bit more and walk without assistance. I'll be both sad and grateful to retire it soon and start thinking about what talk I want to write for 2020, so far I'm leaning towards trying to write a talk around the ideas in A forty year career, but far from decided. (2018 was my first year doing much speaking, and my talk was on migrations.)