Spring Haiku and Tanka

May 3, 2008. Filed under haiku 3 tanka 1

Recently I have been writing haiku a fair bit. Undoubtedly a talented haiku writer might spend agonized hours perfecting their verse, but approach has been--to the say the least--a little bit less strenuous. If I sit down for an hour, I usually end up with about ten of the malformed poems in my notebook.

Recently I have been wanting a little bit more room, and decided to start adding some tanka to the mix. The haiku has a 5-7-5 pattern, and is supposed to paint a scene. The tanka follows a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern, and should form a complete thought. Not that I necessarily follow the 'paint a picture' or 'complete thought' guidelines, but its something that perhaps should be kept in mind.

A metal slab which serves as a map for nearby mountains.

Feelings like flash qaodmasdkwaspemas4ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Floods. Anger like forest qaodmasdkwaspemas3ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Fires. As they swell
Up, they also come crashing
Down. Holding myself in check

![A wooden structure filled with bottles of sake.][f may_tanka_sake]

Riding the winds qaodmasdkwaspemas7ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls I envy the eagles qaodmasdkwaspemas6ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Specks in the sky. qaodmasdkwaspemas5ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

![An eagle flying between two trees.][f may_tanka_eagle]

Tea in a coffee qaodmasdkwaspemas12ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Cup. Feet with nary a sock. qaodmasdkwaspemas11ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Blue sky. Gentle breeze. qaodmasdkwaspemas10ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls The river roars below. qaodmasdkwaspemas9ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Birds comprise the chorus. qaodmasdkwaspemas8ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

![A windy gravel road.][f may_tanka_road]

Ah, relaxation. qaodmasdkwaspemas15ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls The battery is dying, qaodmasdkwaspemas14ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls But it works for now. qaodmasdkwaspemas13ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

![A flower, slightly out of focus.][f may_tanka_flower]

Tanka, here I come. qaodmasdkwaspemas20ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Two more lines give so much room, qaodmasdkwaspemas19ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls But I still wonder: qaodmasdkwaspemas18ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Generosity provides qaodmasdkwaspemas17ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Rope enough for disaster. qaodmasdkwaspemas16ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

![A picture of Storm, one of our dogs, smiling (albeit confusedly).][f may_tanka_storm]

Vegetables. qaodmasdkwaspemas25ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Teaching the same kids the same qaodmasdkwaspemas24ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Materials. qaodmasdkwaspemas23ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Looking in cracks for meaning, qaodmasdkwaspemas22ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls Sometimes I find it. Sometimes. qaodmasdkwaspemas21ajkqlsmdqpakldnzsdfls

![A river with cherry blossoms on its side.][f may_tanka_blossoms]

Fixations grow
In small devious places.
Weeding is a chore.