Slides from django-nyc on 11/18/2008

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Last night Django-nyc was generous enough to listen to my presentation Charting Django. The aim of the presentation is to briefly introduce a handful of useful intermediate level Django concepts, which hopefully makes t easier to know where to look (and to know when to look) as you start building more complex applications.

The six features (well, five features and one convention) that I tried to cover were, fixtures, template tags and filters, management commands, custom context and middleware. Kevin mentioned last night--and I think it's hard not to complete agree-that just throwing slides up on your blog doesn't really do justice to the presentation because the best presentations tend to have the least text, but here are the slides anyway.

Charting Django
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It was definitely my first time getting somewhere in New York on my own. Somehow I got there five minutes before the presentation was scheduled to begin. Yeah. I need to get out more. I know. I know.