Simplified django-springsteen Deploy on GAE

March 5, 2009. Filed under google-app-engine 9 springsteen 6

I patched django-springsteen to take advantage of Google App Engine's memcached api, and as promised have streamlined the process of deploying Springsteen on GAE.

  1. Checkout the repository.

    git clone git://
  2. Run the script.

    chmod +x ./scripts/
  3. Open up gae/app.yaml and change the first line from djangosearch to the name of the application you registered on GAE.

  4. Create the file gae/ which should look like this:

    BOSS_APP_ID = 'my-boss-app-id'
  5. Run that sucker. ./

You'll probably still want to read the first tutorial to get an idea of how to customize Springsteen and take advantage of its functionality.

Let me know if there are any issues.