Irrational Exuberance!

The Blogging Hypochondriac

November 8, 2008 Maybe you didn't know, but bloggings is about to die. Again. Call the surgeon and rush us to the emergency room. Bring the priest and the rabbi. Then again, nothing has changed for the past four years, so maybe we're just making things up. Like usual.

Customize site style by user with django-userskins

October 27, 2008 This post briefly introduces the design decisions and usage of django-userskins, which is a pluggable Django application for facilitating users selecting skins for your site. For example, to let user A have a dark theme for your site, and user B have a light scheme. Supports cookie-only persistence as well as cookie-when-possible-database-as-last-resort persistence for skin preferences.

Releasing Kappa Source (PyObjC Twitter Client)

October 23, 2008 Kappa was a two or three day project a month or two ago, and may be helpful for people looking for some PyObjC source code that actually runs on OSX10.5/Leopard, as well as a useful base for a OSX twitter client.

R.I.P. Your Resume Site to Awesome

October 18, 2008 Resume Interactivity Provider is a simple reusable application for generating interactive resume websites that are powered by completely static components (JavaScript, HTML, CSS).

Setting Up Django-Rcsfield

October 15, 2008 I spent an hour or two last night figuring out how to get django-rcsfield working, and figure that the notes from the experience might benefit anyone else trying to do the same. With these notes, you too should only be thirty minutes away from adding version control to your Django textfields.