2018 in review.

December 27, 2018. Filed under writing 31blog 13

By far the most rewarding thing I did this year was marrying a wonderful person. My sister also married, and my sister-in-law is getting married in the spring of next year. In such a sea of marriages, it feels a bit trite to write a year review on my writing hobby, but what's a hobby good for if not enabling trite behavior?

Quick blogging update for October 2018

October 13, 2018. Filed under writing 31

One of my personal goals for the year has been to write more, and this is the sixty-fifth post I've written this year. A quick update on traffic, writing goals and such.

Notes on A Philosophy of Software Design.

September 3, 2018. Filed under architecture 26review 13book 11

Jumping on the recent trend, I picked up a copy of A Philosophy of Software Design based on Cindy's recommendation. It's a fairly concise read at 160 pages, and I skimmed through it over the last few days, writing up some notes along the way.

Braindump on approach to writing a technical book.

July 8, 2018. Filed under writing 31

I've been blogging for more than a decade now, and I've always had a loose goal of blending my writing into a book at some point, although timing around that goal has been pretty abstract. Recently I've chatted with a few folks about whether now might be a good time to do this, and that lead to me trying to figure out how to approach the process overall.

The briefest of media trainings.

June 24, 2018. Filed under management 99

When I was working at Digg, I was fortunate enough to get five minutes of media training, and I'm still learning from those five minute a decade later, so I've finally written them down.