Retiring and Releasing

February 20, 2010. Filed under django 72

Nearly a year and a half ago I hoped to created a site for creating and sharing notes, snippets and ideas. With the exception of this blog--which is a horrible and unmaintainable piece of crap--Codernote is probably the most ambitious Django project I've undertaken. It has OpenID integration, a lot of jQuery, client side sorting, multiple skins, maintains versions of notes, and so on. It is also my most ambitious attempt at design, although I can't say much for myself.

Overview screen on Codernote.

The idea was simple: users create snippets or notes and render them with Pygments, Markdown, Textile or ReStructured Text. Then the users tag their own notes and can sort and filter their notes to create a kind of mindmap. Users could share notes with each other (via an invitation mechanism), and could also publish them at semi-private hash urls, as well as being able to publish notes to a public page with an RSS feed.

Editing screen for Codernote.

I still like the idea a lot, but I have to admit I haven't spent any time on it in the past year and will undoubtedly continue to neglect it into the distant future, so I am open sourcing the code. I'll leave it up at for a few weeks and then finally take it down.

Another Codernote picture of cards.

The code is up on GitHub, please feel free to use the code in anyway you see fit. I learned quite a few good lessons working on this, and have learned quite a bit more since I was working on it, so I hope to incorporate all of it into something even better as I move forward. Thanks for listening. :)