Releasing Source for Mahou

October 16, 2008. Filed under boss 11 google-app-engine 9 cappuccino 5

After realizing that I was never going to have the time to continue working on Mahou, I decided to release the source code for your collective enjoyment. The code is living on GitHub.

It is a fairly simple webapp, using the Cappuccino framework for its user interface, Yahoo! BOSS Mashup Framework for search results, and Google App Engine for hosting/deployment. I am hopeful that it may serve people looking for example Cappuccino code well, as it does a fair amount of custom subclassing of CPCollectionView, and CPCollectionViewItem.

Getting started should be fairly simple. First clone the Git repository.

git clone git://

Then update the config file to contain real values. Specifically, you'll need to supply values for appid, email and org. (These are values for Yahoo! BOSS, not Google App Engine.)

Finally, update app.yaml to contain your applications real application identifier for Google App Engine.

Let me know if there are any questions.