Quick Reflections on JET in Haiku

February 27, 2008. Filed under japan 44 jet 31

I have a lot of JET related topics I want to write about, but none that I really want to spent a couple hours with quite yet, so I decided to touch all of them.

**On Knowing**
At first I worried
But then I realized the truth
No one knows jackshit.

**On Weather**
Like a boomerang
relationship. We hurt and
love in short cycles.

**On Elementary Schools**
After seven long months
I find enthusiasm
Further than Heaven.

**On JET Sub-Cuture**
Lets go get hammered.
I hate my job with passion.
Still recontracted.

**On Middle School**
Now I like the kids
Once I almost cried at lunch
But not anymore.

**On My Supervisor**
Its no lie, he's great
But also really awful
Do I seem unsure?

**On Recontracting**
If I stayed longer
I would learn to like it here
While dying inside.

**On Lawsuit Culture**
In America
I would be so sued on a
daily interval.

**On Gender Roles**
Gender roles are so
broken in America.
Some problems here too.

**On Gender Stereotypes**
A man near by child?
Actually, thats fine over here.
And its amazing.

**On Daily Conversations**
Its so cold today.
My isn't it hot today?
Fuck all this snowing.

**On Volunteering**
You will work on Sun.
But you won't get paid for it.
You volunteered.

The blind leading the
blind. What tragedy conceived
of the PTA?