[draft] Best practices on org best practices.

March 3, 2019. Filed under management 114

This is a draft to be fleshed out, with the goal of pulling complexity out of How to evolve your engineering org.

As an executive, evolving your engineering orgization can sometimes be a bit abstract: determine the proper size, an appropriate structure, and go.

As a manager, your role is often translating that structure into a functional structure, a large part of which is layering on organizational best practices as you grow, while avoiding processes that would overwhelm a small org or underserve a large one.

This article will cover these organizational practices, when to implement them, and when to sunset them.



One paragraph explanation.

Start at N people, end at M people.

Good for:

  1. measurable execution
  2. coordinate execution across teams (link to "predictability tax")
  3. limmit churn: optimize for finished work

Bad for:

  1. ...

Resources to learn more:

  • ...


  • planning process
  • career ladder
  • different roles (SRE, TPM, etc)
  • roles and responsibilities doc when you have multiple roles (EM vs PM responsibilities, etc)
  • titles & levels
  • perf reviews
  • perf callibrations
  • structured hiring process