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New Look for LifeFlow, Deployment on Dreamhost

July 12, 2007. Filed under lifeflow 20

After finishing most of the broad programming touches to LifeFlow yesterday, I felt that I really needed to change its generic appearance. For a long time this site and LifeFlow were very tightly joined, over time the programming side of things ceased to be coupled, and finally the appearance has been decoupled as well. Django applications derive their appearance from template files and media files (css, images, javascript, etc).

LifeFlow now has its own appearance, and's appearance is now its own. You can go take a look at the new LifeFlow look over at my Dreamhost site. Its a fairly standard blog, but what really matters is that it took about thirty minutes to morph a LifeFlow site's apperance radically. All of the changes were minor ones to html and css, so no heavy programming experience was required.

The other news is that it is indeed possible to deploy LifeFlow on Dreamhost. The instructions I jotted down from doing so won't really translate though: my setup on my Dreamhost account is pretty heavily personalized.

Anyway, take a look at the site to see what a fresh lifeflow install looks like (well, I added a post and a project for good measure), and I should have installation instructions ready tonight (although focused at those who have experience using Django).