Music Recommendations & Snow Pictures

January 5, 2008. Filed under japan 44 kamioka 2 winter 1

I came back from my Christmas vacationing, and there is still a lot of snow laying around here in Kamioka. I've also walked into a variety of new and wonderful music.


  1. Speechless by Bruce Cockburn.
  2. Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens.
  3. Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets by Gary Jules.

Speechless is an instrumental album by one of my favorite artists, Bruce Cockburn. Somewhat awkwardly I gave it as a gift a year ago, without having fully heard it myself. But now that I have heard it, I feel a bit better recommending it. Its really great.

Sufjan Stevens was recently introduced to me, I think mostly because he plays a banjo. My favorite song of his that I have heard so far is That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! It just really sticks in my mind.

And, finally, Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets is also really good. A few of the songs are not particularly strong, but I like his songwriting, his voice, and the overall sound as well. You may recognize Mad World from this CD as a song in Donnie Darko.


First, lets just establish that there is a lot of snow here.

Picture of lots of ugly and dirtied snow.

Next, the snow on a walkway I occasionally to use to get downtown.

An outdoors walkway covered in snow.

Water and snow can be beautiful.

Rapids with snow surrounding them.

Sometimes, though, they are just serene.

Snow surrounding tranquil water.

Take care.