Miyajima and Hiroshima

December 29, 2007. Filed under japan 44 travel 2

A few days ago I spent two days in Hiroshima with my girlfriend, it was a great trip. We spent most of our time on Miyajima, which is a small island off of Hiroshima, which has an often photographed tori in the water near its temple, and has some other tourist attractions as well.

You can reach Miyajima from the central Hiroshima station by taking a local train (400 yen), and then a quick ferry ride (170 yen). Remarkably convenient and easy to navigate. The island itself is small enough that you can navigate pretty much all of it by foot. Albeit it will take you a few minutes to get your bearing straight.

A walkway near the ocean

Its really a pretty place. The land in the distance is Hiroshima proper, and the town in the front is Miyajima.

Our ryokan

We spent the night at a nice ryokan on Miyajima. It was a bit expensive, but not extravagant. Dinner was amazing.

Picture of Amy and I

This picture kills me. I have no idea why I look so angry. You can see the tori in the top left of the picture.


Almost all of my pictures that day had lots of green in them. This was intentional. Some day my artistic gestures may even become subtle.

And now just a few nature shots that I took on Miyajima.

A pretty bush

I had to defend my decision to randomly stop and take pictures of this bush. But I think they turned out pretty well. Admittedly... very random.

A red bridge

Um. I like nature. And bridges. No other explanation exists.

A pretty branch overlooking the ocean

I like this picture a lot as well. Nature. Ocean. A branch...

A verdant nature picture

And my last random picture from a forested park we wandered into.

Anyway, I highly recommend Miyajima. I like Hiroshima a lot as well. The peace park and peace museum are worth a visit, kind of, but are a bit depressing.