Migrating the 'This Week in Django' Concept

September 5, 2008. Filed under django 72

In honor of the fresh redesign at This Week In Django, I decided to spend a few moments considering why this amazing concept hasn't caught on with other projects yet. Sure--Michael, Brian and Kevin put in a huge amount of time week after week--but maybe there is something more?

This Week in iPhone Development

Soundtrack: any hit that allows silhouettes to groove violently.

  • Welcome to This Week in iPhone Development! We have a really exceptional show lined up for you.

  • Yes. Thats right. This week showed some crucial developments over at Apple. In fact, some of the engineers I have spoken to referred to the changes as "more exciting than my first child."

  • Really? So lets get started talking about those changes.

  • Ah.. right. Well, I'd love to. But our legal department is pretty sure we can't talk about it in public without violating the NDA.

  • Right. That's still a problem. How about this week in the blogs then?

  • Well, legal isn't really comfortable with us talking about those either. It might make us complicit or something.

  • Well. This has been another Week in iPhone Development. Tune in next week for more of the same great news!

This Week in Google Chrome

Soundtrack: something with the same levels of oddity and production values as the song for the Scala programming language1.

  • Welcome to This Week in Google Chrome!

  • Google made a goddamn browser. Holy hell. It's amazing.

  • Well, beyond being a browser, it has some really impressive technical qualities.

  • Man. This is so amazing. Reddit Programming is loving Google Chrome! Google made a browser!

  • Well, if we take a look at John Resig's piece on Google Chrome's Process Manager, then we begin to see how Chrome has some technical merit and may open up a new spurt of browser development.

    Browsers have been spending a considerable amount of time working on CSS rendering, and I think its exciting that we'll come back to having a more holistic approach to browser development, that spends time looking at intuitive and uncluttered interfaces as well as performance issues.

  • Its a browser, dude. I can't believe I'm getting a browser!

  • Fuck it. I quit. You're worse than the color anouncer in Best in Show.

Anyway, after reflecting on it, it does seem there may be some explanations for why This Week in Django's brilliance hasn't yet migrated into other communities.

  1. Strangely enough, the song is no longer prominently featured on their website. I was able to find a possibly usable link though on a blogspot blog entry. If someone finds a better link, let me know.