Merry Christmas 2007

December 24, 2007. Filed under food 4

Since last Friday I have been on Christmas vacation, and its been everything I've been needing for the last month or so. I've been near Kyoto for most of the break thus far. However, I went and saw Rent in Osaka. It was a live performance, and slightly expensive (12,000 yen, or about $105 USD), but was the first musical I can remember seeing (at some point I saw Hair, but I was really young, and don't remember much at all).

Christmas Breakfast

Today is Christmas here in Japan. We put together a rather excellent breakfast:

Christmas breakfast


  1. 2 eggs
  2. many pancakes
  3. Canadian maple syrup
  4. 6 sausage links
  5. Two potatoes worth of homemade hashbrowns
  6. A pot of green tea

It was a good breakfast. I am still very full. A bit too fully probably, but you can't live life in fear (of pancakes).

A Map of My New Life

My father sent me an email a few days ago asking how to find my little town on Google Earth. My response was this map. The map has markers for most of the important places in my day to day life. Admittedly sometimes you find that a little cafe's signifigance can get blown out of proportion.


Its snowed about four times so far up in Kamioka where I live. I fear for the intensifying winter that has descended upon my near home. The region is supposed to average three meters of snow per year...

Merry Christmas everyone.